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How Hubz Rapid EV Charging can benefit your Restaurant, Hotel or Tourism Hospitality Service

As the hospitality industry continues to evolve, embracing sustainable and innovative solutions becomes imperative for staying competitive. With the surge in electric vehicles (EVs), integrating advanced technologies like HUBZ battery-backed rapid EV charging not only enhances guest experience but also opens new avenues of revenue generation for your establishment.

Consistent Rapid Charging Rates with HUBZ's Patented Ring Topology

HUBZ stands out with its patented ring topology features, ensuring consistent and reliable rapid charging rates for EVs. This unique design optimizes power delivery, eliminating fluctuations often encountered with conventional charging systems. Guests can rely on efficient charging every time they plug in, enhancing their overall satisfaction with your hospitality services.

Off-Peak Energy Management for Cost Savings and Revenue Generation

One of the key benefits of HUBZ is its capability to store energy in local battery storage, enabling strategic energy management. By harnessing energy during off-peak hours when electricity rates are lower, HUBZ helps minimize operational costs for your hospitality business. Additionally, surplus energy can be stored and sold at a premium markup during peak demand periods, transforming your EV charging infrastructure into a lucrative revenue stream.

Interactive Media Screens: Advertising and Digital Point of Sale

Incorporating interactive media screens into HUBZ charging stations presents exciting opportunities for advertising and digital commerce. These screens serve as a dynamic platform for promoting your hospitality offerings, local attractions, or partner brands, enriching the guest experience while driving additional revenue through advertising partnerships. Moreover, by integrating digital point-of-sale capabilities, you can facilitate seamless transactions directly from the charging station, offering guests the convenience of purchasing products or services on-site.

Conclusion: Embrace HUBZ to Transform Your Hospitality Business

In a landscape where guest satisfaction and sustainability drive success, HUBZ battery-backed rapid EV charging offers a powerful solution for hospitality businesses. From ensuring consistent charging rates to optimizing energy management and unlocking new revenue streams through advertising and digital commerce, HUBZ empowers you to elevate your establishment and meet the evolving needs of your guests. Discover the transformative potential of HUBZ and revolutionise your hospitality business today.

Story by ZPN Energy


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