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Phoenix Sustainable Investments is an award-winning developer of sustainable energy projects. We are investing in the future of house building, energy and waste by pioneering sustainable innovations and developing renewable energy technology.

Building a
sustainable tomorrow.

Our divisions.

Phoenix Group focuses on six main areas of business. Many of our projects link across different areas of the business, reflecting our focus on sustainability and innovation.

Phoenix Group is driving the development of solutions across the sustainability sector including renewable energy and recycling. We develop innovative technologies to mitigate environmental impacts, including battery storage systems and other water and district heating systems, to help create a better and sustainable tomorrow. 

Construction is our history, however we now  build to different standards and ethos. Building upon our experience in the sector, we are developing innovative solutions in housing, modular housing and scaffolding. 

Solar, wind and steam help our businesses within this category, helping to achieve alternatives to fossil fuels. Phoenix is also investing in electrical vehicle charging and energy storage.

The Group is leading the way in the waste sector with biomass, clinical waste solutions, plastic and MSW recycling solutions.

Research and Development underpins many of the projects being driven forward by Phoenix. We are continually researching new concepts and innovations to help build a better tomorrow.

Phoenix Group helps fund and develop projects which help to improve people’s lives, often using cutting edge scientific and technological advancements to do so.

Focused on our values


We focus on sustainability.


We are passionate about using innovation and technology to make our futures better.


We are entrepreneurial and take risks, experimenting and pushing boundaries.


We have a desire to make the world a better place.


We are constantly looking for opportunities and using R&D for our future.

Our numbers


Awards within the group


Businesses within the group


Years of experience in construction 

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