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Biofuel truck racing champion

The final race of the season at Brands Hatch played out in front of a sell-out crowd, as Ryan Smith claimed an eighth successive title – powered by the sustainable fuel.

Truck racer with two trophies

Syntech Biofuel became the fuel sponsors for the champion driver and the Worldwide Truck Racing Team heading into the 2023 season. Supplying the team with their sustainable Syntech Advanced Smart Biofuel (Syntech ASB) – which is produced from waste vegetable oils. Syntech ASB is entirely Made in Britain.

Since then, Ryan and his team have reported an improvement of 3/10s per lap using Syntech ASB, compared with their previous timings using leading conventional fuel. An improvement in speed that is proven by his win this month.

The Championship winner is now two titles short of the all-time record held by Stuart Oliver. And can add leader in sustainability to his titles – in a sport that is desperately trying to reduce its carbon footprint.

Celebrating Ryan’s win, Robert Hart, Chief Operating Officer, Syntech Biofuel – which is a company of Phoenix Sustainable Investments, said:

“We are thrilled for Ryan and his team’s 8th Championship win. This is a terrific achievement because we all know the commitment Ryan has put in to achieving this goal. We look forward to our continued sponsorship of the Worldwide Truck Racing team throughout the 2024 season.”

The British Truck Racing Championship is one of the biggest motor racing categories in the UK, with machines weighing in at more than five tonnes and producing in excess of 1000bhp.

Ryan Smith spoke about his experience using Syntech ASB:

“This win is the icing on the cake of a highly competitive year and Syntech Biofuel has supported us all the way. I’m so pleased to have number 8 under my belt with number 9 firmly in my sights. I know how competitive 2024 also promises to be, which will be good for us all but particularly for our sponsors, our loyal supporters and fans, and all the spectators who make this Championship the success that it is.”

Syntech Biofuel is a company of Phoenix Sustainable Investments, an award-winning developer of sustainable energy projects. The company has companies and projects invested in the future of house building, energy and waste by pioneering sustainable innovations and developing renewable energy technology.

Karl Hick, CEO of Phoenix Sustainable Investments, added:

“A huge congratulations to Ryan Smith, Worldwide Truck Racing and Syntech Biofuel for this incredible achievement. An eighth consecutive title puts Ryan well on course to be one of the greatest drivers in the sport – and we’re immensely proud that Syntech Biofuel has played a role in that success.
“We’re happy too, to be involved in British Truck Racing. The sport is taking admirable steps towards improved sustainability, while maintaining a really entertaining format that sells out crowds across the country. The team at Syntech are doing a fantastic job in supporting that mission and we can’t wait to see how this partnership continues in the future.”

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