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Flood adaptive holiday lodges

Three members of FTG and FTM

Flood Technology Group has announced it will be working in partnership with Flood Technology Manufacturing (FTM), part of the Treo Group Limited, to bring its innovative flood adaptive platform for holiday lodges and mobile homes to the market.

Yorkshire-based Flood Technology Group recently pioneered the first fully flood adaptive holiday lodge in the UK by retrofitting its groundbreaking Flood Adaptive Platform to a lodge at a riverside site in Warwickshire. This exciting, world-first project confirmed that it’s possible for prime plots of land near bodies of water and in flood-risk areas to be developed safely. Both new build and retrofit systems have been successfully tested and are now available.

By partnering with FTM, Flood Technology Group will be able to make its Flood Adaptive Platform for holiday lodges and mobile homes available to tourism businesses across the UK and beyond, helping them to future-proof their operations against the increasing flood risk posed by climate change.

FTM will supply and manufacture critical components of the Flood Adaptive Platform to help Flood Technology Group meet anticipated demand. FTM’s strategic location in the Midlands means that it can serve most of England within two hours and the remainder of the UK in just a few more hours.

Simon Gilliland, Chief Executive of Flood Technology Group, said:

“We’re delighted to be working in partnership with FTM to bring our flood adaptive holiday lodges and mobile homes to market. As part of Treo Group, FTM has a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and experience in manufacturing high-quality products for industrial applications. This, coupled with our game-changing flood adaptive technology, enables us to offer a unique proposition to the holiday home and lodge market, which will be hugely beneficial to holiday parks in flood-risk areas.”

Mark Holland, Director of FTM, added:

“We’re very excited to combine our manufacturing expertise with Flood Technology Group’s innovative technology to bring fully flood-adaptive holiday lodges to market. With around 10,000 UK holiday park homes at moderate or significant risk of flooding, there’s a real need for this cutting-edge product to help tourism businesses adapt to the growing flood risk.”

Flood Technology Group, supported by FTM, will unveil one of its flood adaptive holiday lodges at the 2024 World of Park & Leisure Homes Show in Warwickshire later this month.

A leader in climate resilience, Flood Technology Group has rigorously tested its Flood Adaptive Platform technology in flood environments, in collaboration with the University of Liverpool and HR Wallingford. This technology has also been successfully applied to modular buildings, demonstrating its unique ability to protect people and property from flooding. However, its potential can be applied across various sectors, from utilities and energy to commercial and transportation.

Research commissioned by Flood Technology Group indicates that the Flood Adaptive Platform costs 40 per cent less to install, operate, and maintain than other flood risk mitigation methods, including flotation-based systems. Additionally, its low-carbon, off-site assembly approach reduces greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing, transporting, installing, and maintaining the platform by up to 95 per cent compared to other methods.

Flood Technology Group’s partnership with FTM is a significant step towards providing robust flood protection solutions for the tourism industry and other sectors.


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