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Beating the energy crisis

With business energy bills getting utterly ridiculous, perhaps now is the time to invest in solar energy, battery storage and a Business Energy Management System?

The BBC has recently reported how many pubs, restaurants and other mid-sized businesses are facing a double whammy of reduced customer footfall and exploding energy bills. People are enjoying outside entertainment less because of their extortionate energy bills yet the costs of running a business is getting ridiculous.

All the while the UK government is still saying, “no government" would be able to control the "global factors pushing up the price of energy and other business costs”. A government that isn’t apparently too fussed about old grannies freezing to death in their beds this winter is even less fussed about businesses surviving.

That means you’re on your own. What will you do about it? Will you close your business and potentially join the freezing, starving masses on too low incomes to pay their energy bills? Or will you invest in energy generation and saving measures to survive?

How ZPN Can Help

Here at ZPN Energy we have a suite of solutions that could significantly reduce your energy bills in the coming months. There has never been a better time to invest in solar arrays, energy storage and a Business Energy Management System (BEMS). Let’s take a look at these now.

Solar arrays will generate around a kilowatt of energy per square metre. On a sunny day that would amount to 8.2 kilowatt-hours of energy per panel. Could you generate 82kWh of energy daily? That would soon eat into your final energy bills.

The sun doesn’t always shine in the UK. This is where a battery storage system can work. The largest battery unit we make at ZPN Energy is the 3 megawatt-hour ZAP Store. There are other, smaller affairs too.

Another way to save energy costs is to buy in off-peak times. If you could attach a ZAP Store unit to a three-phase AC grid connection you could charge it in off-peak hours during the night and release that energy during peak energy use in the day.

This is where the Business Energy Management System (BEMS) comes in. This is software that manages energy use, including directing excess solar-generated energy to the battery storage system and storing energy at off-peak times for use at peak times.

Capital Costs Drop in Proportion to Energy Costs

When battery storage and solar arrays came out they were essentially for those who wanted to save the planet. Thanks to soaring energy costs, this equipment is at the point where a high energy user could pay for it in just a couple of years in terms of energy bill cost savings. In some cases you might even make your money back in a year.

Self-generation and energy storage is filling the vacuum of government support.



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