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Strategic partnership

ZPN Energy and Fleet-Eye Ltd are pleased to announce they have entered a global strategic partnership, combining ZPN Energy’s EV charging, energy management and Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) portfolio with Fleet-Eye’s world class gps based tracking and telematics technology offering real time EV performance feeback to the commercial vehicle and asset sector.

The partnership will provide EV owners and e-Fleet operators a turnkey solution to reduce costs, enjoy efficiency savings and meet net-zero carbon targets. With the utilisation of innovative Charging technology, data analytics and EV telemetries sitting at the heart of their approach, ZPN Energy and Fleet-Eye are collaboratively developing new Artificial Intelligence (ai) and data-driven services to enable a low carbon transport transition.

ZPN HUBZ and ZAPME charge points are the first EV charging infrastructure to utilise Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) 2.0.1 and will allow Rapid/Ultra-Rapid charging of EVs, even in constrained energy supply situations. EV-Eye, an industry first real time telematics unit from Fleet Eye, provides data to a bespoke fleet management platform and will match EV condition status with charge demand and infrastructure provision and even provide EV Recovery, if required, or ‘On demand’ Charging-as-a-Service (CaaS).

EV-Eye solves the problems that you don’t know exist yet, with live tell-tale feedback identifying non-reported vehicle and charging issues. Historic data provides Fleet-managers/vehicle owners with information to decide on when is the most cost-effective time to obtain highest residual resale values on depreciating assets.

The partnership of ZPN Energy and Fleet-Eye will enable fleet managers to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles with the provision of Zero-Carbon energy to power EVs, achieve more miles per charge and therefore meet carbon reduction targets.



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