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Syntech Biofuel official opening

Kelly Tolhurst and Karl Hick shaking hands

The day finally came when we could officially declare our upgraded refinery open after an ambitious upgrade after months and months of design, engineering and build.

When I say we could officially declare it open I should say it was the Right Honourable Kelly Tolhurst, MP for Rochester and Strood who actually officially declared it open and what a splendid job she made of it.

I’d met her before when she previously visited and said she would be happy to support us as renewable energy pioneers in her constituency. So we were all jolly grateful that she accepted our invite to cut the ribbon say a few words. Her visit immortalised now on the commemorative plaque we got her and the Chairman, Karl Hick to unveil.

We were also delighted to welcome representatives from some big hitters in the construction and infrastructure sectors like Mace and Clancy alongside some of our key partners and suppliers.

The day went swimmingly, we were completely delighted, take a look at the Syntech Facebook, twitter and Instagram pages for all the pictures.

What this new processing unit signifies however is much more important, it is the culmination of nearly 7 years hard work to change the story.

World weather events such as the extreme temperatures in Europe (it was 48 degrees in Sardinia last week) show that Climate Crisis is very real and the world needs sustainable renewable energy instead of pollutant finite fossil fuels to stop the temperatures rising even more.

Our new Bio-refinery and the ones we bring online next will provide clean alternative fuels that reduce dependence on fossil fuels and provide the sticking plaster the planet desperately needs while other technologies develop.

We’re changing the story!


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