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ZAPME goes into manufacture

We have been providing Energy-as-a-Service (E-a-a-S) and microgrids with energy storage for at least three years. We recently rebranded our E-a-a-S as ZAPME, and the first of our new, modular generation are in production, with first deliveries scheduled for the end of March 2022. The picture above is of our first 250kWh ZUPAVAN all those years ago!

We have three versions planned:

  • ZAPME GO - 11-22kWh Recovery units with rapid charge of 50kW

  • ZAPME - 50kWh with 50kW of rapid charge

  • ZAPME MAX - 150-300kWhKWH with rapid and ultra rapid speeds of 150kW plus

The first of these leaving our Coventry production line are the standard 50kWh ZAPME units, next will be 150kWh ZAPME MAX - which are scheduled for June 2022 delivery.

For more information on ZAPME check out



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