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Biocab in London

Exhaust fumes

Last week I spoke about our BioCab, the cab that runs on 100% Syntech ASB biofuel which means it’s tailpipe emissions help to reduce the deadly air pollution problems.

We started this project before the pandemic and deliberately chose a black cab because they are not only one of the world’s most iconic vehicles, their diesel engines are also hugely pollutant. So it was a great opportunity to showcase how we could change the story with alternative fuels to fossil diesel.

Tested throughout the trial at a Department of Transport testing station we ended up with an emissions result of 0.06.

Boom! 0.06, sensational!!

This was a pretty amazing result for a chuggy 15 year old London taxi when you consider the testing station had also just tested a 3 year old Audi A6 and returned a result of 0.08.

So we knew we had something that significantly reduced emissions. That wasn’t such a massive surprise as it’s universally recognised that when you replace fossil diesel with biofuel you will achieve overall greenhouse gas savings of around 90%.

The BioCab was great to take to speaking engagements. We spoke at the University of Kent and primary schools as part of our outreach programme to educate and spread the message around climate change, air quality and what we can do to change the story by re-cycling our waste and building a circular economy.

The evening news is full of stories about the next stage of the ULEZ expansion that comes in at the end of the month. People are outraged, so aggressively so that cameras and signage have been vandalised and one guy on TikTok is on a mission to cut as many cameras as he can down.

There is absolute vitriolic abuse and hatred being directed at London Mayor Sadiq Khan. I’m neither here nor there with Mr Khan, he does a big tough job, doesn’t always get it right , it is what it is. But to blame him personally for the ULEZ is short sighted.

Currently 8 clean air zones sit across the UK’s largest cities and towns including Glasgow, Birmingham and Bristol. 6 more come online soon including Manchester and Newcastle. It’s not just a London thing.

In 2030 there will be no further production of petrol or diesel cars but that will leave around 1 billion combustion engines left on the planet.

Scrapping them all and switching to electric vehicles simply won’t happen by then.

So, get ready for it, that’s why we’re challenging the ULEZ!

And all the other clean air zones as well. Not because reducing emissions and improving air quality is wrong, not because tackling climate change is wrong.

We’re going to challenge it on the grounds that there are immediate solutions available that can make an immediate difference and reduce tailpipe emissions.

This is where Biocabby comes in. Filled with a tank full of 100% Syntech ASB biofuel that will absolutely meet all the clean air zone standards I want to champion our cause as a sticking plaster while other technologies develop.

Arthur Ashe (famous 70’s Wimbledon champ) said,

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

Mayor Khan, and all other parliamentarians, respectfully, It’s time we stopped talking about what we need to do to and do it.

We have challenged the ULEZ exemption certification on the grounds that the use of Syntech ASB as an alternative fuel can make London’s air cleaner.

That’s presuming that making London’s air cleaner is actually the plan, and not actually, as the haters would have it, just another stealth tax. Watch this space.

Story by Syntech Biofuel


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