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Black cab with almost no emissions

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

London black cab

I drove into Syntech HQ at sunrise today, love that time of day. The sun sat East, the air already warm, swallows above putting on a display the Red Arrows would be proud of. To the left and right in the fields where the wheat had already been cropped, were farmers, literally making hay while the sun shined.

Shutting the big green gates behind me I was struck again by the same thoughts that I always have, that what we do here today at Syntech will change the planet tomorrow for the better. It’s never lost on me. Yes, we’re a business, but we are a business that has a positive impact on things that really matter, we’re changing the story.

As I parked up by the BioCab looking west towards London the scene was a lot different, there in the distance you could see the heat haze of pollution above the city that meant 8 million-ish Londoners and the other 10 million-ish people who come in and out of the capital to work or visit each day would be on the wrong end of yet another poor air quality day.

Air Quality, or more to the point, the lack of it, is a massive London problem and a massive global problem and part of the climate crisis. Heart disease, stroke, dementia and obesity all now have established links to poor air quality and pollution.

Over 9,000 people die in London as a result of poor air quality each year, around 40,000 in the UK. And the World Health Organisation recently published that there were 7 million deaths globally. To put that that into perspective that is more than the deaths from Malaria, TB and HIV put together.

I looked at my cartoon alter ego on the side of the BioCab and thought:

“ It’s time for Biocabby to ride again!”

For those that don’t know, and how would you my green apostles?

The BioCab is a London Taxi, a black cab, but it’s a London Taxi with a difference. It runs completely on Syntech Advanced Smart Biofuel (Syntech ASB) which means its tailpipe emissions are almost non-existent compared to a cab ran on fossil fuel diesel.

Black cabs are without doubt iconic and adored as part of the fabric of one of the most amazing cities of the world but they’re not the most environmentally friendly of diesel engines as they chug around the capital. The new electric ones are, but are eye-wateringly expensive so the remaining diesel ones chug on.

Why can Biocabby make a difference, I’ll tell you why but you’ll have to wait till next week chums.

Story by Syntech Biofuel


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