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Donation made to Bourne Foodbank

Karl Hick, Marcelle Cowley and Helen Hick holding a cheque
Karl Hick, Marcelle Cowley and Helen Hick.

The Bourne Foodbank has been gifted a £500 donation thanks to Bourne-based business Phoenix Sustainable Investments.

In the spirit of giving back to the local area, Phoenix Sustainable Investments’ HR Director Helen Hick decided that a donation to the Foodbank would be the ideal present, especially during the holiday season.

The Foodbank not only provides essential food to those in need, but also buys gifts for children who otherwise wouldn’t have a present to open on Christmas morning.

The donation was handed over by the Chairman of Phoenix Sustainable Investments Karl Hick, HR Director Helen Hick and given to Marcelle Cowley a volunteer at the Foodbank.

Karl and Helen Hick said, ‘We know how important a donation like this is, especially in the current climate and we always do our best to look after our local community. We have personally donated in past and know it helps the most vulnerable people.”
The Bourne Food Bank’s Marcelle Cowley expressed her gratitude for the donation from Phoenix, saying, “We’re really thankful of this kind donation, it will make a significant difference to individuals utilising our services.’


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