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Energy Management Systems driving revenue

Solar panels

In today's dynamic business landscape, maximising profitability while minimising operational costs is paramount for sustainable success. Enter ZPN Energy, a leading provider of innovative energy management solutions revolutionising the way businesses optimise their energy usage.

In this blog post, we'll explore how ZPN Energy's Business Energy Management System (BEMS) empowers customers to save money, make money and massively enhance their bottom line.

Understanding ZPN Energy's Business Energy Management System

ZPN Energy's BEMS is a comprehensive platform designed to monitor, analyze, and optimise energy consumption across various facets of business operations including deriving income from customer facing EV charging. By integrating cutting-edge hardware, advanced software algorithms, and real-time data analytics, ZPN Energy enables businesses to gain actionable insights into their energy usage patterns and make informed decisions to drive efficiency and profitability, however its key strength is this is an integrated eco system that reduces costs with ROI's of less than 3 years but also can derive EV charging revenue exceeding £860,000 per annum.

Key Features and Benefits

  1. Energy Usage Monitoring and Analysis: ZPN Energy's BEMS provides businesses with granular visibility into their energy consumption, allowing them to identify inefficiencies, pinpoint areas of excessive usage, and track trends over time. By analysing this data, businesses can uncover opportunities for optimisation and cost savings the system goes a step further in managing this for you and integrating with smart energy tariffs and weather data.

  2. Demand Response and Peak Shaving: One of the standout features of ZPN Energy's BEMS is its ability to participate in demand response programs and implement peak shaving strategies. By adjusting energy usage during peak demand periods or in response to grid signals, businesses can earn incentives and reduce their electricity bills, ultimately driving revenue.

  3. Optimized Load Management: With ZPN Energy's BEMS, businesses can optimise their load management strategies to minimise costly demand charges and maximise energy efficiency. By intelligently scheduling and prioritising energy-intensive processes, businesses can avoid unnecessary expenses and enhance their profitability.

  4. Renewable Energy and Smart Tariff Integration: ZPN Energy's BEMS seamlessly integrates with renewable energy sources such as solar panels and wind turbines, enabling businesses to harness clean, sustainable power and reduce reliance on grid electricity. This is then integrated with smart tariffs to ensure that the lowest priced source of energy s available. Through net metering, feed-in tariffs, renewable energy credits, and smart tariffs businesses can monetize excess energy generated onsite, generating additional revenue streams such as customer facing EV charging.

Case Study: Driving Revenue with ZPN Energy's BEMS

Let's consider a manufacturing company that implements ZPN Energy's BEMS to optimize its energy management practices. The manufacturing company operates 10 hours a day. By leveraging the platform's capabilities, the company gains insights into its energy usage patterns and identifies opportunities for improvement while it is operating. Through demand response participation, the company reduces its peak demand charges potentially earning incentives from the utility provider. Additionally, by integrating solar panels into its energy infrastructure, the company generates surplus energy that it can sell either as EV charging or ultimately back to the grid, further enhancing its revenue however if the company increases the size of the battery the value of the energy it stores can be used at peak times reducing the overall cost of its energy. The excess energy can then be sold via the integrated EV chargers earning around 55p per kWh served. 6 EV chargers at 30% utilisation could earn you around £860K per annum for a system cost of around £1m.


In today's competitive business environment, maximising revenue and minimising costs are imperative for sustainable growth. With ZPN Energy's Business Energy Management System, any businesses can unlock new opportunities to drive profitability through optimized energy management practices, demand response participation, peak shaving strategies, renewable energy integration and integrated rapid EV charger technology. By partnering with ZPN Energy, businesses can transform their energy usage into a lucrative asset, propelling them towards greater success in the marketplace.

Story by ZPN Energy


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