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Environment priorities for next five years

The LDN Collective, a network of 50 built environment specialists fighting to improve people’s lives and the planet’s prospects, have released a film about this year’s UK’s Real Estate, Investment and Infrastructure Forum (UKREiiF). The 23 minute film titled “UKREiiF: Back to the Future” covers highlights of the event and asks the movers and shakers;

“What can the built environment achieve over the next five years and how important are events like this”

Returning to Leeds for the third time, there were 13,000 attendees from public and private sector organisations throughout the country, almost double the previous year. During the second day of the conference, the Prime Minister announced the general election would take place on 4th July. So this film is being released on the first working day of the new government, to give an overview of built environment priorities over the next five years.

Max Farrell, CEO of the LDN Collective said;“I am excited to be releasing this film at a critical time in our nations history. UKREiiF Coincided with the 5th anniversary of the LDN Collective so we decided to ask people about their hopes and fears for the next five years. The result was a treasure trove of knowledge, insight and ambition that will be helpful for anyone wanting to understand the potential of the built environment to solve the biggest issues of our time like climate change, the housing crisis and social inequalities.”
Matt Christie, Director of External Relations and Content at UKREiiF said;“This year was an exceptional one which exceeded all our expectations, in terms of visitor numbers and quality of content. If you want to understand what UKREiiF is all about and the difference it is making in terms of social and environmental impact, then I urge you to watch this film.”


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