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Green energy to cut costs

With energy and fuel prices soaring, small and medium businesses (SMEs) are increasingly looking at green energy solutions to help cut costs.

The latest NatWest Sustainable Business Tracker has shown a fast growing trend among SMEs to invest in sustainable energy and transport. This comes in a variety of forms:

  • Electric vehicles for their fleets

  • Charging equipment for electric transport

  • Solar and green energy generation

As you can imagine, this is of particular interest to us here at ZPN Energy!

EVs and EV Charging Infrastructure

The data from the NatWest index shows that over the next five years, some 37% of SMEs are planning to invest in EV infrastructure. This includes turning their fleets over to zero emissions vehicles and having chargers installed on their premises. In the last year, 15% of SMEs have taken the plunge into the EV revolution while 19% of larger businesses including parcel delivery companies like Amazon and DPD.

This is helped with government incentives. Where it comes to company cars for example, BenefitIn Kind (BIK) taxation is significantly weighted towards EVs - a company car user will be given a BIK allowance of just 2% on an EV as against a fossil fuel car of as much as 33%. This has been a significant driver in the massive up tick in new EV registrations in recent years.

The UK government is also offering an EVinfrastructure grant for businesses of less than 249 employees. Companies taking advantage of this can significantly reducetheir expenditure when it comes to installing such equipment.

You may know ZPN Energy for... electric vehicle charging systems. What you may not know is another piece of data from the NatWest Sustainable Business Tracker interests us too. Over the next five years, 27% of businesses - up from 10% this year - are planning onsite energy generation.

In most cases this means that companies will be installing solar panels on their roofs and around their land. With grid energy costs significantly impacting businesses’ bottom lines, the idea of ‘free energy’ is causing a surge in demand for such systems.

Here at ZPN Energy we offer the Business Energy Management Solution (BEMS) where energy is used in the most cost efficient way possible to help keep those soaring costs down. The BEMS can be retrofitted to existing buildings, and potentially installed as part of a wider green energy strategy involving EV charging systems too.

As well as cost savings there are other benefits. One of those is the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting that can attract or repel climate conscious customers. Having a strong focus on the climate is a known selling point, which is why business giants like Royal Mail, Amazon and DPD are taking the lead on such matters.

For us at ZPN Energy this all represents exciting times ahead. The green energy revolution is upon us with so many UK businesses investing in sustainable energy solutions, and that can only be good for everyone.



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