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How to sell more EV cars

Charging an electric car

Interesting article in the Spectator tonight on the day the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) posted on here about how well sales are going overall.

In the real world confidence is a dish that almost everything is based on however well-intentioned Liz Truss was, her downfall was confidence amazingly Andrew Bailey still retains the confidence of someone! The car market, sales of cars and residual values are a confidence play.

So what might be causing this lack of confidence apart from articles from the press well in the case of diesel its tax and environment and with EV's its simple, early ones were frankly sh*t the Volkswagen i_die_3 is/was terrible, rushed and overpriced, the ID4 is much better by comparison, Teslas are horrible like communism, we have one and I'd rather drive almost anything else bar the VW above. But there are some great one's Honda e, MG Motor UK Ltd 4, Porsche AG Taycan, Mercedes-Benz AG EQS, Hyundai Motor Company (현대자동차) Ioniq5.

However, the bigger problem is charging, 10 Downing Street decided to go for volume over quality, if you look at charge point operators you have those who have chased slow charging and those that have targeted rapid charging. In both cases, they have been hamstrung by poor grid connections and in the case of slow charging pitiful utilisation rates. Right now there are 2 or more cpos at severe risk of failure because they and the government believed the hype that cars are idle 90% of the time. The problem is you need charge when you're moving not when you're stationary and mostly not on a motorway. Add to the fact we are all just blinking lazy and no one wants to wait 12 hours to fill their car. Home charging is probably the only slow charging use case that works, even then wouldn't you rather have rapid charging at home? (Yes, it's absolutely possible!)

So what is the solution if you are Jim Farley, Stellantis, Carlos Tevares, BMW Group, Toyota Motor Corporation its what they have all been avoiding! The answer? Becoming the charging network, every one of them has 100's of sites, free of rents and acquisition costs to install great charging.

ZPN Energy has the technology to enable these sites to deliver customer-facing EV charging. If you want to sell an EV make sure everyone can charge it, the best bit of doing this is it would cut the energy bills of the average cardealership by up to 50% and deliver up to £1m of revenue for every 5 chargers. ROI per dealer 2-3 years and hit your targets! Win-win! 

Story by ZPN Energy


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