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I got the power

Updated: May 8, 2023

Every day here at Syntech Biofuel and in Renewable Energy we are striving to drive a greener future I feel like I have a bit to say, contribute and share. Unlike Batman I like to try and save the world with a smile on my face!

The International Energy Week event took place in London this week. The German Eurodance pop group, Snap sang “I got the Power back in 1990, but at this event, the people in the room collectively, really do, have, a lot of the power. BP, Petronas, EON, all the usual suspects really as normal, and as you would expect.

However, what’s really impressed me this year was the amount of sustainability and environmental professionals and green influencers speaking. Not surprisingly given the focus, “Transitioning Out of Crisis” but good to see none the less. There is even an appearance by EWABA (European Waste and Biofuels Association) Director Dasa Mamrillova championing biofuels as fuels of the future. Go Biofuel!

There are some great people there including Greg Jackson from Octopus Energy who I like a lot. I believe, like him, that the innovators and change makers are lining up to drive the renewable revolution that all our team at Syntech are so brilliantly passionate about. So what’s the hold-up I hear all you budding environmentalists screaming as you watch Sir Dave showing us upsetting images of disappearing Polar Bears.

All the really important people up at the big house in Westminster, the changemakers, the real influencers, the movers and shakers need to start tearing down the walls of bureaucracy so we can change things quicker and make real impact. And they need to do that now. How are we to tackle all the real the challenges the world faces with climate change, air pollution and catastrophic weather events if we can’t get going properly.

Complicated renewables schemes and tax policies only hinder progress and change.

The enablement of green technologies and fuels which are available immediately by the way, is so important right now. How will green energy grow and be a real option for powering our planet if there is simply not enough of it and people can’t get it?

To quote Greg Jackson, “We now need to give access to the market to all the technologies that are going to transform energy”.

Article written by Mike O'Lone from Sytntech Biofuel


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