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International Bee Day

“International Bee Day 2023”, is important because bees are so super important to the planet and our survival, they are part of what the Japanese would call my Ikigai.

The Japanese concept of Ikigai is “a passion that gives value and joy to life, and a purpose”. Bees play a vital role in ensuring the health of our planet and provide significant impact to our ecosystems.

Here’s 5 cool Bee things:

  1. Around 75% of global food crops rely on pollinators, bees are the guvnors when it comes to pollination. They fertilize plants, flowers and agricultural crops so humans don’t die out. They quite simply enable us to eat.

  2. There are 20,000 known species of bees ranging in size from tiny stingless bees up to large carpenter bees. The best known are honeybees living socially in hives with a queen, the workers and the drones.

  3. Bees have been making honey for 150 million years. Honey is the original superfood with amazing properties. Roman soldiers used to put honey on sword wounds as it’s antiseptic properties helped them to stay clean and heal quicker.

  4. Bees are found on every content except Antarctica.

  5. Honey bees communicate by doing the waggle dance. They do this to tell other bees in the colony where the food sources are and the distance to them. They have their own internal radar and navigations systems.

But in recent years there has been a massive and worrying decline in bee populations. This has been caused by farming practices, pesticide use, habitat loss and climate change and air pollution.

Broadly speaking, if they go, we stand a chance of dying out too. So on International Bee Day 2023, let’s celebrate what these stripey little furry legged superheroes do for us by doing something in return for them, plant some extra flowers in your gardens or window boxes and balconies. Don’t use pesticides with glyphosates in, they are harmful to bees. And generally let’s bee more mindful and grateful for the work they do.

Story by Syntech Biofuel


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