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Levelling up housing development

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Welcome to the forefront of innovation in housing development with ZAPME. In this guide, we'll explore how ZAPME's on-demand rapid EV charging service is reshaping the real estate landscape, offering unprecedented convenience, affordability, and sustainability for property developers and residents alike.

Rapid EV Charging Without Infrastructure Costs:

ZAPME leads the way in providing rapid EV charging without the need for expensive infrastructure installations. Property developers can now offer high-speed charging solutions to residents without the burden of costly infrastructure projects. This cost-effective approach not only saves developers money but also enhances the value proposition of housing developments.

On-Demand Service: Bringing Charging to Your Doorstep:

Imagine a scenario where a resident's electric vehicle runs low on battery while parked at home. With ZAPME's on-demand service, residents can request rapid EV charging to be carried out at their doorstep or any designated location. For example, a tenant in a housing development can simply request a charging session through the ZAPME app, and a charging unit will be dispatched to their location, ensuring their vehicle remains operational without the need for fixed charging stations.

Tailored Subscriptions for Residents:

In addition to its on-demand service, ZAPME offers a range of subscription options tailored to the needs of residents in housing developments. These subscriptions can range from personal usage plans for individual residents to package deals for tenants, offering charging solutions that fit seamlessly into their lifestyles. For example, developers can offer inclusive charging packages as part of a tenant's rental agreement, enhancing the appeal of their properties and promoting eco-friendly living.

ZAPME is revolutionising housing development by offering on-demand rapid EV charging solutions that are affordable, convenient, and sustainable. With ZAPME, property developers can enhance the value proposition of their developments while offering residents a seamless charging experience. By providing rapid EV charging without the need for expensive infrastructure, ZAPME is paving the way towards a greener and more efficient future for housing developments.

Story by ZPN Energy


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