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More EV chargers needed

UK business consultancy and data analysts Experian have shown that only better infrastructure can maintain the EV revolution. A 291% growth in electric vehicle numbers over the last two years matched with only a 35% growth in EV chargers in the last 12 months.

Cities Vs Countryside

Somewhat unsurprisingly, Experian showed that those living in less dense housing have a better chance at installing home chargers. Their data showed that Buckinghamshire, South Cambridgeshire and Wokingham have large numbers of homes with driveways and can have chargers installed. In this case, Experian is working with power networks to help homeowners install chargers.

Conversely the Experian data showed that higher density urban areas like Brighton, Bristol and Edinburgh have fewer homes with driveways. The consultancy is working with local authorities to support them in installing on-street charging equipment for their residents.

Colin Grieves, Managing Director, Experian Marketing Services, said:

“Our analysis shows that consumers now view EVs as a better alternative to traditional vehicles, and this trend is only going to increase. However, appetite may be thwarted if the correct infrastructure is not in place.
By modelling where demand is likely to be most concentrated in the forthcoming years, infrastructure planners can begin to meet the challenge effectively.”

Much of the driving public will be driving electric vehicles in the coming years but this is likely to be spread unevenly across the UK. The commuter towns Experian showed above are classic - after London rapidly installed them in response to booming demand, so people moving out of the capital are increasingly choosing EVs after leaving.

How ZPN Can Help

ZPN Energy can support local authorities with our Park Hubz and Street Hubz charging equipment. These chargers do not require a 22kW three-phase energy supply unlike many other rapid chargers on the market thanks to being pre-installed with energy storage, thus removing the need for intrusive and inconvenient ground work!

With our charging equipment, perhaps installed as part of a LEVI grant bid, you can help meet your residents’ future electric vehicle charging needs.

Story by ZPN Energy


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