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New CEO at Flood Technology Group

Simon Gilliland

Flood Technology Group is delighted to announce the appointment of Simon Gilliland as its Chief Executive Officer.

A Chartered Engineer and member of the Institute of Civil Engineers, Simon has taken up his new post on Monday 8 January 2024. He joins Flood Technology Group from WSP, a global engineering and environmental professional services consultancy. 

Simon brings 17 years of experience in flood risk management and the water environment sector to his new role. His most recent position was as the head of WSP’s UK Water Consulting business, where he was responsible for a team of more than 100 engineers, scientists, and consultants and an annual turnover of £10 million.

Launched in November of this year, the Flood Technology Group is a leader in the field of flood adaptive technology. An association of companies, it brings together a range of innovative products, services and solutions with a proven ability to adapt to flood water as it rises. The group was founded by Andrew Parker, who designed the groundbreaking Hadley FloodSAFE House and the multi-purpose mechanical jack system on which it sits.

Simon said: “The Flood Technology Group is the result of a decade-long collaboration between myself, Andrew Parker, private sector partners, and esteemed research institutions, including the University of Liverpool’s Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Hadley Group, HR Wallingford, and the University of Hull’s Flood Innovation Centre. 
“Our goal is to drive forward the commercialisation and continuous innovation of flood adaptive technology, with a vision to enhance flood resilience and future-proof homes, businesses and critical infrastructure against current and evolving flood risks.”
He continued: “I am deeply passionate about the transformative potential of flood adaptive technology and its capacity to revolutionise the built environment. This innovation not only safeguards homes, businesses and critical infrastructure against existing flood risks, but also empowers communities to proactively adapt to the escalating challenges posed by our changing climate.
“Our groundbreaking Flood Adaptive Platform introduces a paradigm shift in flood resilience, allowing structures to elevate up to two metres automatically and incrementally above their foundations in response to rising flood waters. This is made possible by cutting-edge water level sensors and digital flood forecasts, ensuring structures remain above inundation levels. Once the flood subsides, the structures seamlessly return to their original levels. 
Andrew Parker, Founder of Flood Technology Group, said: “I’m delighted to be able to announce the appointment of Simon as our Chief Executive Officer. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge, experience and contacts, as well as the strategic leadership skills needed to drive the commercialisation of our products, and oversee the ongoing research and development of our portfolio of flood adaptive technologies.”

Flood Technology Group is proud to be partnered with Phoenix Sustainable Investments, an award-winning developer of sustainable energy and innovation projects. Together, they have an unparalleled wealth of knowledge, capability and expertise in the field of flood technology. The group is uniquely positioned to help protect communities in flood-risk areas by offering a complete flood adaptive technology solution to local authorities, developers and homeowners.


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