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Phoenix Workshops

Join us at workshops to discuss the future of communities, enterprise and energy

Phoenix is hosting a series of workshops in Huntingdon and Peterborough, looking at how we develop the right principles to ensure that the new communities and enterprises that we plan for now can meet our aspirations and commitments for the future.

The first – just two weeks away on 30 May – will be held at The Marriott Hotel, Huntingdon, and the second will be held on 19 July at the new ARU Peterborough. Each event starts at 4pm and will finish at 7pm, with a drinks reception afterwards.

Huntingdonshire District Council and Peterborough City Council are both in the process of developing new local plans which will shape the future of the area through to 2040. In light of aspirations for ‘good’ growth; the commitment to high quality design codes; legal obligations to achieve net zero communities; the commitment to restore the natural world and to grow the economy; what will the communities and enterprises of the future look like?

  • What commitments, principles and behaviours do we need to adopt now, in order to meet those aspirations collaboratively?

  • What mechanisms and policy approaches are required to best shape the opportunities of prospective new Local Plans across Huntingdonshire and Peterborough?

These two workshops will focus on the future, separately exploring the themes of Communities, Housing and the Environment (30 May) and Enterprise, Employment and Energy (19 July) – you can view full details of both events at Workshops | Phoenix Sustainable

If you’d like to join us, RSVP to by Tuesday 23rd May.


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