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Powering the future of property development

Housing development from above

ZPN HUBZ Rapid Chargers are revolutionising the real estate landscape, offering unprecedented opportunities for property developers and managers to enhance sustainability, reduce costs, and increase value for homeowners and tenants alike.

Drawing Off-Peak Energy for Premium Returns:

ZPN HUBZ Rapid Chargers, equipped with cutting-edge battery technology, have the remarkable ability to draw off-peak energy and store it for later use. This feature presents a game-changing opportunity for property developers and managers to maximise returns on energy investments.

By harnessing off-peak energy and storing it within the chargers, developers can capitalise on premium mark-up rates during peak hours. This not only generates additional revenue streams but also contributes to a more sustainable and efficient energy ecosystem within housing developments.

Utilising On-Site Renewables for Energy Independence:

In addition to drawing off-peak energy, property developers can leverage their business real estate to install on-site renewables such as solar PV systems. These renewable energy sources enable housing developments to generate their own energy, further enhancing sustainability and reducing reliance on traditional grid infrastructure.

By utilising on-site renewables, developers can significantly reduce energy bills associated with common areas and amenities within housing developments. Moreover, by securing houses from grid strain and potential blackouts, on-site renewables provide added resilience and peace of mind for homeowners and tenants.

Enhancing Sustainability and Value:

Embracing ZPN HUBZ Rapid Chargers and on-site renewables isn't just about reducing costs—it's about future-proofing housing developments and enhancing their overall value. Sustainable features such as rapid chargers and renewable energy sources appeal to eco-conscious homeowners and tenants, positioning developments as desirable and forward-thinking.

Furthermore, by reducing dependency on traditional energy sources and mitigating risks associated with grid strain and blackouts, developers can differentiate their properties in a competitive market. Sustainable housing developments equipped with ZPN HUBZ Rapid Chargers become not just places to live, but hubs of innovation and sustainability.

ZPN HUBZ Rapid Chargers are transforming the housing landscape, offering property developers and managers unparalleled opportunities to enhance sustainability, reduce costs, and increase value for homeowners and tenants. By drawing off-peak energy, utilising on-site renewables, and embracing a sustainable approach to energy management, housing developments can lead the way towards a greener and more resilient future.

Story by ZPN Energy


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