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Professors call for investment in energy saving tech

Two professors have called on businesses to invest in technological solutions to tackle their energy costs. ZPN Energy offers just those solutions!

Prof David Bailey, of the Business Economics, University of Birmingham and Prof Phil Tomlinson, Deputy Director Centre for Governance, Regulation and Industrial Strategy (CGR&IS), at the University of Bath, have said in an article that businesses need to look at technology as a means to tackle their energy costs.

They said,

“Some industries are already taking this step by experimenting with new digital technologies …to better anticipate and optimise their energy use.”

This is Right Up ZPN’s Alley!

ZPN Energy offers just such technologies. Our Business Energy Management System (BEMS) optimises energy use between self-generation, battery storage and optimised grid use. The latter can include storing energy at night during off-peak rates to minimise overall costs, and releasing it at times when electricity costs are at their highest.

For larger business campuses and industrial estates, perhaps as a landowner’s carbon reduction strategy, ZPN also offer a Grid Energy Management System. This could be used for a multi-warehouse industrial unit or a small business estate, and allow leaseholders to minimise their energy costs as part of their tenancies.

Green New Deal

In a previous government role, our new Prime Minister sold off a lot of the UK’s natural gas storage units and the UK now cannot store gas at sufficient quantities to offset global gas price shocks. This lack of foresight means wholesale buyers now must pay through the nose to get hold of fossil gas to supply the UK’s needs day to day as a result.

The professors say that,

“this crisis is also an opportunity to rethink the UK’s long-term energy needs and to build resilience. In particular, the UK needs to get serious about a “Green New Deal” that weans both consumers and businesses off (imported) fossil fuels, and instead focuses on developing more renewable energy sources and reducing energy waste.”

Essentially businesses need to invest in solar (and where possible, wind) generation not just to look good on their CSR but to save vast sums of money.

The elephant in the room here is that we have moved a long way in the last six months from renewables being a ‘green thing’ to being the difference between a business surviving or going under. With eminent thinkers saying the same, isn’t about time you invested in an energy management system?



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