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Search wins backing

Updated: May 8, 2023

Funding will enable innovative startup to roll out “energy saving” pilot in Bristol., the online virtual consultancy service for homeowners who want to “green” their homes, has announced first-round financing from Phoenix Sustainable Investments. The funding will enable the rollout of three pilot projects in Bristol, UK, the home city of leverages public domain Big Data with input from geolocation services and smart meter datafeeds to identify opportunities for saving energy, reducing carbon emissions and increasing property value. During the pilot projects, up to 400 Bristol households will use the website and app to receive detailed guidance on home energy, besides obtaining fully-costed projects from trusted local contractors and gaining opportunities to share information and join in friendly competition with other users.

Phoenix Sustainable Investments, an award-winning developer of sustainable energy projects, invests in the future of house building by pioneering sustainable building methods and developing renewable energy technology.

Mauro Fazion, CTO of and originator of its operating concept, commented: “We garnered a lot of interest during our initial outreach to investors, but Phoenix were the company we most wanted behind us. Their clear thinking and longstanding interest in the domestic sector makes them an ideal partner. With their support and guidance, we can get on with rolling out the pilot.”


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