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The heat is on

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2023 is set to be the hottest year on record. The world’s most important environmental gathering is now underway. But why is COP28 so important?

The United Nations Climate Change Conference, normally referred to as COP (the conference of parties) is underway for the 28th time after a thoughtful and stirring speech from our very own King Charles III. In his opening speech to the conference he pointed out that the earth did not belong to us, it was the other way round and he called for “genuine transformational action’.

This year it’s being held out in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Pessimists will criticise the choice of host nation due to it’s involvement in oil and fossil fuels but I think it’s important to look optimistically for the positives that COP28 can achieve.

It’s thanks to events like this that we have the Paris Agreement, and already the UAE’s president has announced a £23.7bn fund for global climate solutions. There’s also been an early agreement yesterday with countries committing $420m towards a fund to assist nations suffering the effects of climate change.

When events like this are on it really brings it home to me that what we do here at Syntech Biofuel has never been more relevant.

As I mentioned already 2023 is set to be the hottest year on record with countless catastrophic weather events.

So the challenge to halve our greenhouse gas emissions in the next seven years is a real ask, but I’m starting to see real evidence that things are starting to change.

This week we have begun fuelling 2 separate projects that required excavators with next to no emissions in collaboration with our friends at Cobalt plant with our sustainable Syntech ASB biofuel.

Recent visits from sustainability advisors at Heathrow airport and our ongoing trials with major big hitters in the construction and infrastructure sectors show that there is real appetite to start doing things differently and the transition to different energy sources and sustainable alternative fuels is absolutely starting to happen.

So when you see COP28 on the news this week, please try and resist the urge to be one of those people who roll their eyes whilst saying “what difference will that make”.

Because it does make a real difference and so can you.

Story by Syntech Biofuel


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