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Pockit Diagnostics collaboration

Updated: May 8, 2023

The Helen Hick Stroke Foundation is working alongside Cambridge based Pockit Diagnostics in it’s bid to help more potential stroke sufferers.

In an effort to assist more prospective stroke suffers, the Helen Hick Stroke Foundation is collaborating with Cambridge-based Pocket Diagnostics.

A group of Cambridge students and young entrepreneurs formed Pockit Diagnostics in November 2017 with the goal of identifying biomarkers that can be used to enhance medical diagnostics.

They have developed the first blood test for identifying the LVO (Large Vessel Occlusion; caused by a clot developing in a large vessel). This test enables a quicker and more accurate stroke diagnosis, improving treatment and potentially saving lives helping to give early advice to ambulance staff.

27% of all attacks are LVOs are these are the most dangerous type of strokes and account for 95% of all strokes disabilities, which means it’s crucial to detect and treat them as fast as possible.

The collaboration is a wonderful fit for us because Pockit Diagnostics and our philosophies are so similar. ‘We believe in excellence, bringing products that help clinicians, paramedics and nurses to deliver a better care to patients in more cost-effective ways.’

The CEO of Pockit Diagnostics, Gonzalo Ladreda’s commitment for bringing about change convinced Helen Hick, the founder of The Helen Hick Stroke Foundation, that working with Pockit was necessary. ‘I have faith in the future because I understand how crucial diagnosis is, how well their new device may function, and how far they’ve come."


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