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The truth about the energy crisis

In reality there is potentially an energy crisis but the truth is there needn’t be one. The bottom line is it’s a energy management crisis. In summary the grid has not invested enough into renewables and energy storage.

With Russia set to intensify its squeeze on European gas supplies as the war in Ukraine rumbles relentlessly on, Britain’s ability to rely on its neighbours on the continent for its usual top-up electricity supplies this winter looks increasingly unlikely.

Ofgem – the UK’s energy regulator – has warned there is a “significant risk” of gas shortages in the coming months. As a result, the country is potentially bracing itself for a winter of scheduled (as well as unplanned) blackouts.

Emergency power rationing

If gas supplies run too low, under the National Grid's emergency rationing plans, households and businesses across Britain would be notified 24 hours in advance of planned three hour power outages in specific regions, in an effort to lower the UK's total energy consumption this winter by 5%. Only hospitals, oil refineries and other ‘critical services’ would be exempt from the power cuts.

The more remote your property or the more essential the services your business provides, the more prepared you need to be for these outages

How can you beat the blackouts!

The Short answer “BEMS” a business energy management system. As a business ZPN Energy uses the ZPN Triangle pictured below to considers a business’s needs. Comprised of generation, storage and demand.

This might mean installing Solar PV to generate energy and then energy storage to ensure excess energy from the solar is available as the demand dictates or when required. So, when warnings are published advising of three hour blackouts you can rest assured either the solar or stored energy will keep your business going!

In November 2022, French legislation was announced requiring that all car parks with more than 80 spaces be covered by solar panels as part of a wider green agenda that will also see solar panels erected on vacant land, alongside roads and railways, and on some agricultural land. Each space is expected to generate roughly 1.4kW of power and the French government believes the measure could theoretically produce power equivalent to 10 nuclear reactors. With the UK having an estimated 40 million parking spaces across the country, it begs the question – why on earth aren’t we following suit?

Make sure you're ready

ZPN Energy is the UK’s fastest-growing Energy Technology provider. We develop and produce infrastructure technologies that are designed to provide energy security, and help meet your Net Zero strategy, including Grid support, Energy Storage, Rapid and Ultra Rapid electric vehicle (EV) charging and mobile EV charging.

Story by ZPN Energy


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