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The Upfront Diagnostics Alliance

In the landscape of medical breakthroughs, narratives often stem from personal experiences, resolute determination, and an unrelenting drive for change. The chronicle of Upfront Diagnostics and their groundbreaking LVOne rapid diagnostic test is no exception, unfolding against the backdrop of a journey inspired by stroke survivor and co-founder of The Helen Hick Stroke Foundation, Helen Hick.

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Helen Hick

Helen’s journey commenced with her own encounter with a stroke – a life-altering event that changed her from a mere observer of healthcare landscapes into an active participant in shaping their future. Acknowledging the urgent need for swifter stroke diagnosis and treatment, The Helen Hick Stroke Foundation lent its support to a mission that had the potential to transform not only Helen’s life but also the lives of countless others worldwide.

“It’s not just about technology; it’s about the lives that can be profoundly affected by it,” Helen Hick affirms.

Her words bear the weight of first-hand experience, the kind that forges an indomitable connection between the individual and their cause. Having navigated the challenges and uncertainties of stroke recovery herself, Helen’s motivation to make a difference was fuelled by a determination to spare others from similar trials.

The LVOne rapid diagnostic test, has the capability to identify a stroke triggered by a large vessel occlusion (LVO) within a mere 15 minutes, the LVOne carried the potential to reshape the narrative surrounding stroke care. Moreover, Helen recognised that it wasn’t solely about clinical necessities; it was also about addressing the emotional and practical obstacles faced by stroke patients and their families.

Backed by funding from APEX Ventures’ Medical Fund and supported by esteemed institutions such as Innovate UK, Newcastle University, and SBRI Healthcare, the LVOne stands poised to disrupt the established norm.

“Every moment is precious,” Helen stresses.

Her personal maxim resonated deeply within the medical community, as the LVOne’s capabilities held the promise of effecting tangible transformations in patient outcomes. The technology’s potential to curtail disabilities, trim treatment expenses, and ultimately save lives perfectly aligned with Helen’s steadfast commitment to altering the trajectory of stroke care.

In the realm of healthcare, where innovation frequently emerges from a blend of expertise and empathy, Helen’s advocacy voice radiated as a guiding light. “We are thrilled to support this revolutionary technology; we are nurturing hope,” she confirms. As an individual who had personally navigated the journey of stroke recovery, Helen comprehended that hope was as integral to the healing process as any medical intervention.

The Upfront Diagnostics voyage, intertwined with Helen’s tenacity, encompasses a narrative of unit – a convergence of scientific ingenuity, unwavering determination, and the indomitable human spirit.

As Helen’s narrative interweaves with Upfront Diagnostics’ innovation, the resulting tale will stand as a testimony to the potency of collaborative endeavours and an unshakable belief in the transformative potential of innovation. With every stroke patient benefiting from the rapid diagnosis and treatment enabled by the LVOne, Helen’s journey will come full circle, a poignant reminder that adversity has the power to inspire the most remarkable metamorphoses.


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