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Experience, energy and determination – Tomasz Bona

After success running his own businesses, and supporting the growth of many others, Tomasz joins Phoenix Sustainable Investments as our Chief Operating Officer.

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A quick rise through the ranks

Tomasz joined Phoenix in February this year, but his journey to this point begins 17 years ago – when he arrived in UK with no English (but fluency in several other languages!) and began working at a factory.

He worked his way up through the ranks until he was managing operations and overseeing 600 employees. A showcase of both his determination and ability, and a indicator that he will be right at home overseeing Phoenix’s group strategy.

After leaving the factory where he built his name, he set up a business with friends producing high-end, organic, handmade juices. Their product gained celebrity endorsements and the business grew to a multi-million pound valuation. Within the team, Tomasz’s role as Operations Director made him responsible for maximising sales in the UK, German and Eastern European markets.

His last role prior to joining us was as Head of Global Operations at Creightons a multi award-winning British Company who design, create and manufacture a wide-range of skincare, haircare and wellbeing products. Over 4 years, his responsibilities encompassed 400 employees.

Shaping our strategy, guiding our investment

Within his role at Phoenix, Tomasz is responsible for developing our Group strategy and making sure investments are going in the right direction across the 54 companies and start-ups in our portfolio.

Some of the main focuses so far have been around established businesses Syntech biofuels and Indivus, which processes clinical waste. Alongside this he supports our brands that are in a more infant stage – including an app that could help people make more sustainable, cost-effective choices for their home.

Speaking about his role, he says:

“Since arriving in the team, it’s been full-on, but I’m loving every single second. Many of the companies in our Group are new and in their growth stage, so I’ve been able to add real value by helping them be smart around costs, getting the right exposure for them and most importantly making sure they have the right people in place. It’s rewarding work!”

A traveller with a keen eye for the right shot

Outside of work, Tomasz has two children and spends most of his time with his family. But when the opportunities arise, he’s an avid traveller – with a keen eye for photography.


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