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We're always be together

Updated: May 8, 2023

At Syntech Biofuel, every month we are required to send a sample of our pioneering Syntech ASB Biofuel to a UKAS accredited laboratory to be tested to the British (BS) and European (EN) standard-BS EN 14214.

Simply put, we know it’s good but someone else has to independently verify that. Of course, this month’s test results confirmed a straight up golden result, and we were all jolly pleased and handed out group hugs and thanks to our head of science who drives the process and the bio-tech team who make the magic happen.

Every day I walk through the gates, I am acutely aware of how lucky I am. I know, without any shadow of a doubt that what we do here today will make the world a better place tomorrow than it was yesterday. But as passionate as the management team I’m part of are, we’re not enough without the legendary Syntech team. I am a massive fan of teams, not the meeting medium that allows you to take part in a business meeting in your undercrackers, but groups of likeminded individuals working as one for a shared purpose. And this begats another big love of mine, Culture, when a group of people share the same ideas, customs and behaviour. Another favourite concept is Tribe.

Leadership, mentoring, coaching are all important, sure they are. But you have to have a team to lead. Winston Churchill never triumphed in World War II singlehandedly, he led a vast team of British and Allied Forces who all had the same purpose, the same commitment and the same vision. He led a massive team.

Prehistoric Mike would have wandered about foraging for nuts and fruit to eat. it is accepted that singularly he wasn’t that successful, efficient or creative but he survived. Thankfully he bumped into other humans, tribed up, discovered fire and wheels and iphones and all that and that’s when the first teams began, call them what you like, families, tribes, communities, churches, working together, we achieve more, we’re better together.

The modern world demands, and will demand more and more and more energy. The challenge to provide that and achieve Carbon Net Zero by 2050 is enormous, but so are the opportunities!

In 1984 Phil Oakey sang We’ll Always be Together-Together in Electric Dreams. And that is what it will take to achieve Carbon Net Zero. All the new green technologies, Biofuels, Wind, Solar, Hydrogen are in effect forming into a growing renewables team to drive the new sustainable industrial revolution. It doesn’t need one to outshine the other, it will need everyone to just work together to build a better future for those who come next.

Just like we do here at Syntech!

Article written by Mike O'Lone from Sytntech Biofuel


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